We are a friendly society with more than 5000 members and affiliates.

We provide a safe space and a community for construction workers, both past and present.

Our members include tradespeople from various professions, bricklaying, engineering, plasterers, carpenters, roadworkers, construction workers, roofers, plumbers, electricians and many more.

As an organization, we attempt to reach out to as many employees within the construction industry as possible.

This is because it is a community which needs to be brought together.

Construction can be a lonely and dangerous industry and this is something that we are determined to change.

We try and educate construction workers, so everyone knows their rights. We also want to help people remain safe at work.

To help achieve these ends, we run numerous workshops in health and safety, as well as other aspects of construction work.

It is free to join our community and membership entitles you to access to the whole of our database. More than that, it gives you access to our community.

We are home to a thriving message board and highly active Facebook page. This puts construction professionals in touch with each other and provides a place for them to hang out and chew the fat together.

We also have on board, legal advisors, who offer online and real life drop in sessions. This is essential for helping our workers know what they are entitled to as well as what their obligations are under the law.

Finally, we do as much as we can to help retired and ex construction workers.

We oversee a benevolent fund, to assist retired construction professionals in need.

Unfortunately, in this profession, retirement due to ill health and injury is not uncommon. This means there is a great need for funds amongst older members of our community.

We do everything we can to help out with bursaries to people in need.

To make a donation, or join us, please find the form at the bottom of the page.